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Flamenco Tapas Pura Esencia

Every day in enjoy an evening of Flamenco and Tapas in our tablao or in our outdoor patio

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We offer our guest to enjoy authentic Andalusian tapas while celebrating our shows Pura Esencia Flamenco or Patio Pura Esencia.

  • In our outdoor patio you will have a reserved table where you will observe in the front row of our show. An experience we are sure you will never forget. The Flamenco Patio is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays whenever the weather conditions allow.

patio flamenco

  • From the tablao, in the place of Balcón with the best of views, your flamenco experience comfortably and with a reserved table with which you will reach the greatest enjoyment of your visit to our Triana neighborhood in Seville

We offer two types of tapas dishes that you can combine at the time of booking

chacinas ibericas pura esencia

Chacinas ibéricas:

  • Jamón Ibérico
  • Chorizo Ibérico
  • Lomo en caña Ibérico
  • Salsichón Ibérico


or, you can also choose the typical or vegetarian tapas of goat milk cheese and Spanish omelette:

Tortilla y queso


or even combine them, as you wish and tell us at the time of booking or when you come to our Tablao Pura Esencia

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