Pura Esencia Flamenco Show + Excursión al Cortijo Andaluz





Enjoy our Flamenco show in Seville in Mesa in Primera Fila


Visit to the Hacienda (Cortijo Andaluz). Day trip, with lunch, flamenco and swear crossbody bag

Combine both experiences on your visit to Seville and choose on which day you want to enjoy each one. A way to get to know our local forms in two different spaces, Triana and Andalusian Countryside. A complete experience of culture, fun and local traditions.


Enjoy an unforgettable day in a small group experience of no more than 10 people, and live authentic and local moments that will never forget your memory.

The Cortijo is a rural building that serves as the basis for all the agricultural and livestock work that is carried out in any Andalusian countryside.

Hereby , it is the palce where you can see one of the best breeds of horses out there, the Andalusian horse or Pura Raza Española

Pura Sangre Español

Horses on Country side


  • You will help prepare a Horse Carriage from the stable and then take a walk among olive groves, the watermills on the riverbank, until you reach the Villa of Alcalá de Guadaira and its imposing Arab fortress castle.
  • Monta un Carruaje

    Castillo de Alcalá

    Paseo entre olivares

  • You will know a real carriage workshop and a garnish lounge where the utensils are kept for the different types of classic, cowgirl and Portuguese taming, so with the visit you will get a better knowledge of this part of the Andalusian tradition

  • And to finish off the day, a “camper-style” meal, where at the same time it is prepared and cooked, we will offer you the explanations to make a delicious Paella you’ll then taste at lunch enlivened with Flamenco country show.


Master Class de Paella

Comida Campera

Flamenco Paella Experience

Todo amenizado con nuestros artistas Pura Esencia Flamenco , the best flamenco show of Seville , that will offer the most ingrained version of the experience with Sevillanas, Rocieras and Fandangos, in an authentic rural setting

Natalia Blanco

Pura Esencia Flamenco


and as the end, you will participate in an exciting facet of our history, la Jura Bandolera, in the most stylish way of the Opera de Carmen in places that inspired this work of global recognition



And so that you can enjoy a quiet moment on your return to Seville, we will let you enjoy a drink in with the best views of the city on the spectacular terrace of the Abades Triana Restaurant and put an unforgettable day of Andalusian tradition.

abades triana

Abades Triana


pura esencia flamenco




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